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fingers2:06pm monday, 18th may
i imagine fingers emanating the aroma of wine
like a whisper that things are not as they seem
i am a subversive truth, with hints of another world
verily, have i dreamed so very often?
i cry out that darkness will not withstand our fire
but these are only candles that we wield
symmetries broken as we learn to doubt
though will i find asylum in the memory of my rose
time is a vagrant air we ignore till it becomes deadly
swirl the possibilities till they all assemble
in magic does life imagine the smallest of destinies
and i breathed of the high smoke of eternity
to return, still me, wearing the soul of a saint

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NotArt #25:43am sunday, 10th may

Another photo that inspired me to add some text to it. What do you think?

Click above to get a larger version.

I finally figured out what the Black Iron Prison actually is.

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drop4:18am monday, 4th may
to drop into the lap of love
dancing within the secret life of flowers
like angels on the head of a pin
and to bring out in your step a mastery of life
(concern ourselves in the fashion of ephemeral troubles)
have you not heard? the Good News to riddle?
the best story wins
the pieces made to fit together
we cut no corners
it’s meant to give at each the open edge
what tune is it in the susurrus atmosphere of the Movie?
the music that makes us sound
(as i waltz with a burning one)
i know, for one, luck is no beggar
i to have fashioned my own very hands
to have been favored to dip in the gravity of it all
the rose without art i dropped in her lap
the story composing itself past anxious first maneuvers
this dream does not end like you think
the best story wins

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Art?9:01pm sunday, 26th april

Does this count as art? Just added some text to a photo I had:

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What do you think? It's from the heart.

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Next6:59am thursday, 16th april
So, I had another crazy idea. Haven’t had one in a while, so I guess I was due. The old AI has been calling me, and the calling is getting steadily louder. I had given up the idea because of the Event of January 2013 because I realized how dangerous it could be if it fell into the “wrong hands,” so to speak. But then, I thought, if there is a way to make it fundamentally tilted to the side of good, I would make something like that. And so, I think I have found a method of doing just that. Yes, you can use it for darker purposes, but it’s harder to do and the result is not as good. So I’m entertaining the notion of going to Google and ask them if they would pay to make it while working there, and we would share ownership of it. Crazy, right? Though I can so easily picture this working. Going to make sure I got it down, first, this new method. I wonder what comes next.
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luxury12:39am wednesday, 8th april
the words have lost the luxury of fiction
have become hard to justify
they slip off the page into darkness
darkness that does not sleep
the echo is muffled by all the distances
nothing to report but silence
the dream of which, too smooth to grasp
bled into the morning coffee
and time, all too high to understand
beginning again at every blink
is spelling death in the corner of the eye

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the way8:56am sunday, 29th march
dream the light that fills your day
seek the heart that knows the way
wire above your unspoken hopes
wrap your love in blank envelopes
we desired not the empty fate
of wattage light and daydream wait
fought for good as our courage wills
dreamed such a sky as sunlight spills
darkness fades as nightmare wakes
not one worthy does light forsake
to glow in victory and face that day
heart and deed to meet in the way

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The MACHINE6:20pm monday, 23rd march
the MACHINE shall not stand, the MACHINE is fallen
it is being gutted as we speak
the claws of its harsh judgments bent faulty of their grasp
it ruled as a shadow made of iron
we were its face, whenever we turned our eyes cold
lived in the calculating argument
my lies are true, said the MACHINE
my judgments, too, even if your sensibilities miss my logic
i need you to kneel, to the god that makes the most money
you will turn my inevitable way—just sleep…
and we awake in senseless panic
or remain insensible as we follow the masses in circles
but such conclusions shall find cease in the greater logic
i have dreamed of so excellent a freedom
as the MACHINE begins to eat itself in this new world
monster, how many have been made disposable lies?
wretches both predator and prey?
to know now, that the tiniest breach begins your end
as you find futility was never your ally
for you could not kill the dream that held any hope
and all your hardness: your undoing is the soft
for all the hard rely on the soft to survive
you could not win. you never could have won.
for you cared nothing, and you fought against the heart

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Hindsight9:49am sunday, 15th march
I have been watching a TV show, recently. I mean, a TV series, scripted. I never liked “reality” shows and the last show I watched religiously was The Simpsons. In fact, I watched that for like the longest time, ever since they came on the air, and from then until last season I had seen every single episode, most 5 times or more. Yeah, I finally burned out on them, but man, that was a long, fierce burn. Anyhow, the show I’ve been watching is called Hindsight, and it’s on VH1, about a woman from today time traveled back to 1995. And you know what? It might be because of the dates there. From about 1992-1996 were sort of “lost” years for me. When my mind exploded and I was left to pick up the pieces. The song I most related to back then? “Loser” by Beck. Really spoke to me. But I’ve been watching and seeing what I missed in that period. It’s comforting to see that things were going on while I was lost in my head. And maybe once or twice where I remember something that they mention. As if I had been there, too.
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Bearings10:43am sunday, 8th march
I am beginning to feel capable again; I am “booting up” as it were, for that was taken from the phrase “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps”. Am I beginning yet again? Perhaps it might be better thought that I am rejoining a life that had been in progress, where I took a detour and was out of this world for a little while—but now coming back, assessing that that departure did not do as much damage as it could have. Yeah. I am beginning to get my bearings at my day job, which is good because they do pay me an awful lot of money as a technical lead. And my writing is coming along pretty good, too: it’s a new blog I’m at these days, all about the War in Heaven. So I’m writing a litte every day, just about. What else? I have to see about a way to find a girlfriend, if not a wife. “Desperado, you ain’t gettin’ no younger,” as the Eagles say. So it goes.
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to seek8:04am tuesday, 3rd march
i have not come to these woods a poor beggar
i have come to seek after magic
i have seen the vision of the mirror broken
and in the darkness, a flickering of hope
and they shouted, running away from nothing:
philip k. dick is dead! philip k. dick is dead!
need i so be brought to the brink of despair?
every time to mutter my constant "no"
that which is stuck such that my soul is ajar
shall not contend with my stubborn light
which i remember not where i lit it
which illuminates behind the show, my dreams
in the night i will die five hundred times
before i surrender the engine of my forgiveness
who is a man who has not been driven
past sanity's feeble clinging, on and beyond?
the curtain of my dreaming hints at this:
i must hold the flame while the rain comes
i know nothing else but to believe
i touched the magic, for it was inside me

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